5 Simple Steps To Build A Real AND AUTHENTIC Personal Brand Online

From the moment you decide to build an online coaching business, you are building a personal brand. Inside this episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast, I am going to give you 5 of my top tips to help you build a personal brand online and if you know my style by now… these tips aren’t what you think.

Building a brand is about more than having a cool logo, fancy web design, or pro videos and photoshoots. As an online coach, you’ve got to create a brand that makes connections and gets your clients real life-changing results!

Here’s what you’re about to take away from this episode…

  • Start building a personal brand that positions yourself as the go-to expert and attracts clients in your sleep!
  • Connect with your ideal clients around the world with a brand that showcases who you are, your life story, and what the experience of working with you feels like emotionally which will help your audience know, like, and trust you in less time than you think!
  • Create a brand that people want to be a part of and watch your audience turn into raving fans, advocates, and lifelong clients!
  • Build a strong reputation online so your online coaching business can grow regardless of new marketing strategies or shifts in the market!

Enjoy The Podcast, Coach!

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0:06 Why I want to give you these 5 simple steps in this episode

1:20 Building a personal brand means more than logos, colours, pro videos and photoshoots

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2:51 Step #1: Your clients want to work with a human being

5:21 We buy things based on emotion

6:32 Step #2: Share your core values (what do you really believe in)

7:29 Think about Starbuck and Nike and how these massive brands stand out online

8:34 Step #3: Create a brand story and message that makes an impact

9:20 Share your authentic self inside every piece of content and everything you do

11:42 Step #4: Show off the main benefits of your brand

14:27 What are the emotions and experiences your clients will get out of working with you?

15:17 Step #5: Build a reputation

15:38 When marketing strategies change, your reputation online will still build connections with your perfect clients and continue to grow your online coaching business!

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