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Building a team in your coaching business will ultimately accelerate your growth. There is no better guru to bring on the show than Chris Guerriero to help break down what we need to do to build a team in our business.
Chris has walked the walk and built four 8-figure companies as an advisor, investor, and equity holder in companies across a variety of industries, including health, medical, digital advertising, legal, and real estate. As a bestselling author and the host of the Built To Grow podcast, Chris has a reputation for taking businesses to the next level.

He’s been featured on Bloomberg, and in Success magazine, Inc, and in Entrepreneur as a top entrepreneur of our time. Trust me when I say it’s a major honour to have him on the show today!

Whether you are in the early stages of your business and have a little more time to spend “in the trenches” or if you are ready to push yourself to go through a massive phase of growth with your business, you are in the right place!

The next 60 minutes will have you thinking big picture and mapping out the phases of growth you need to go through to build a million-dollar coaching business. These are the secrets behind growing and scaling any coaching business.

Some key lessons you will walk away with after listening to this episode are…

  • Find your core competencies so you can focus on what your superpower is and build a team around you
  • Apply yourself to the areas of your business you need to be involved in so you can allow your business to expand and develop beyond where you are right now
  • Understand the urgency behind becoming very clear on your ultimate goals so you can take the daily actions you need to take that will get you to the targets you have set
  • Know what to measure in your business so you can see how fast you are scaling (or failing) and keep a finger on the pulse of your business
  • Understand how to build a team (the right way) so you can build your team with the right people who will contribute to your mission and accelerate your growth faster than you could ever do yourself

Enjoy The Podcast, Coach!

“One great team memeber will change everything.” — Chris Guerriero

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0:31 Who is Chris Guerriero?

2:17 A little advice on who should you be taking your advice from

4:35 Where did Chris realize that he had the passion for entrepreneurship

7:53 The story behind how Chris scaled his first business (and took on a ton of risk)

9:26 The release of his first book to reach more people how to start building a team online

10:22 Learning from your lessons, systematize them and grow will directly affect how fast you scale your business

11:39 The sense of urgency brought on by needing to make money

13:16 What to do when people in your life question you and your business

18:30 The greatest way to grow yourself within your business

19:21 Let go and allow your team to learn and do

20:45 What really drives Chris Guerriero to wake up every day

26:54 Feeling like we aren’t moving forward will lead to the greatest breakthrough

28:00 How to avoid shiny objects and reach the massive target you are working towards

33:26 Focus on the most important tasks and make enough money to start building a team to get more done

35:26 Develop relationships with your virtual team members when you are building a team

37:25 Build systems to make your team look like rockstars

41:49 When you should invest in mentorship and when to wait

43:57 5 Ways to make sure you are built to grow

49:48 One final thought from Chris Guerriero: #1 accelerator was to bring on mentors

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Listen on either iTunes or SoundCloud HERE!

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