Building Your Empire With Elena Cardone

When it comes to building your empire, Elena Cardone is the Queen. From her early days in a middle-class New Orleans household to her time on the big Hollywood screen, and now an industry-leading motivational speaker and influencer, Elena has built her own empire.

Elena Cardone is helping millions of people around the world achieve their personal goals, build an empire, and take their life to the next level of success. As a mother, a wife, and one half of the Cardone Empire, Elena knows how to create a lifestyle where you can honestly have it all.

Elena’s message resonates with so many people because of her story. She has built her empire from her potential, competitive nature, and relentless drive for what she wants. By tuning out the people who told her to slow down or that she was not capable of more than a middle-class life, she has become a significant role model to anyone is wants to create a life that is so much more than others ever expected from them.

While the luxury lifestyle with all of the glitz and glam Elena and her husband Grant Cardone have (including their private jet), may seem unattainable this episode will make you soon realize that you to have the power and the responsibility to build your empire and give back to the world so others can benefit from the legacy you leave behind you.

After listening to this episode, you’ll take away a few key lessons…

  • See what it takes to build an empire so you can be prepared to do what is necessary to really have it all
  • Understand that anyone can live a life full of luxury and greatness so you can stop limiting yourself and start seeing the potential you have
  • Hear Elena’s secrets to a marriage, family lifestyle and business so you can take control of your life without compromising your business
  • Recognize the responsibility you have to share your greatness so you can stop holding yourself back and start building your own empire

Enjoy The Podcast Coach!

“Be tough enough to take a hit and strong enough to deliver a blow.” — Elena Cardone

Listen on either iTunes or SoundCloud HERE


0:63 How you handle situations, treat people, and keep your word will stop life from messing with you?

3:15 What does “having it all” really mean?

6:13 Your empire doesn’t just happen; you have to make it happen.

7:03 Your problems never go away, your problems just change to new problems

7:39 Elena Cardone’s mission

8:39 Anyone can create a luxury lifestyle

11:27 The process of building your empire

13:14 Don’t have anyone in your life who holds you down

14:36 Breakthrough mediocracy and the middle-class mindset

16:10 What does love mean to Elena and Grant Cardone

18:30 Sacrifices that are necessary to build your empire

20:35 Elena Cardone’s secret to a marriage that

22:24 How to create divisions in the household that help build the dream

27:10 Why do you need to have an empire?

31:08 When other people tell you to slow down/stop working so hard

33:01 Imagine where we could all be if…

34:34 Why the Cardone Empire is so transparent and resonates with so many people

36:40 Elena’s words of advice to all empire builders

Learn more from Elena Cardone and get your copy of her book, Build an Empire, right HERE!

Listen on either iTunes or SoundCloud HERE

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Helping You Turn Your Knowledge, Experience, And Story Into A (Profitable) Online Coaching Business!

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Lucas Rubix 🤪

Lucas Rubix 🤪

Helping You Turn Your Knowledge, Experience, And Story Into A (Profitable) Online Coaching Business!

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