Create Your Perfect Client Avatar For Your Coaching Business with Lucas Rubix helping you build your online coaching business

Create Your Perfect Client Avatar For Your Coaching Business

Lucas Rubix 🤪
4 min readJan 27, 2020

Wondering how to get more clients in your online coaching business? A critical first step is to really understand your ideal client avatar.

This foundational step is often overlooked, and many coaches skip over it entirely because they want to start building systems, creating content, and of course, working with clients.

But let me be completely honest with you… if you don’t know who you are speaking to, neither will they.

Use this episode as your go-to reference for creating your ideal client avatar. I am going to show you how to research the target client you would most like to work with or best be able to serve in your coaching business.

We’re about to dive deep with actionable steps you can take to create the perfect client avatar. Follow ’em, and you will be able to create stronger content, more compelling copy, better sales pages, higher-value products, and more engaging social media posts! This ultimately leads to more clients because of it!

By the end of this episode, you’ll have everything you need to start building client-attracting systems to get them interested in working with you!

Take a peek at what you’re about to take away from this episode:

🔥 Craft a specific marketing message so you can connect with your ideal client on an emotional level, which means you can help them handle their fears, overcome their objections, and start building powerful relationships

🔥 Look past the demographics of your avatar so you can understand where they are coming from and create content that speaks directly to them, build an unbreakable connection, and earn trust online!

🔥 Drastically improve the quality of your landing pages, Facebook Ads, and content on social media, which means you will see more clicks on your posts, messages in your inbox, and clients in your programs! Enjoy The Podcast Coach!

Enjoy The Podcast Coach!

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Episode Breakdown: Create Your Perfect Client Avatar For Your Coaching Business

0:07 What your ideal client avatar really means

1:47 Get the most out of this by researching your ideal client avatar often

2:46 A special offer for you…

3:27 Demographics aren’t going to get you far

5:15 You are talking to / writing to one person (not many)

5:43 Can you have more than one avatar?

6:34 What do they really want (more than anything)?

6:45 What are their biggest goals?

7:02 What are their values?

7:22 What are they afraid of?

7:35 What are they keeping so secret (that they don’t say out loud)?

8:25 What is your ideal client afraid to lose?

8:40 Know your ideal client avatar’s biggest pain points?

9:27 A few more questions to ask yourself…

11:02 What are their possible objections that would make them say no to your offer?

12:00 What is going to happen to them if they don’t work with you?

14:33 One final exercise to really help you understand your ideal client avatar


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