Face Your Fears (And Break Free Of Mediocrity)

The gut-wrenching, paralyzing, and life-killing emotion of fear is self-created. It may be hard to hear, but you have the ability to face your fears and break free of being average, blending into the world, and living your life based on everyone else’s terms.

And while you may have listened to other podcasts, read books, or consumed other content to help you overcome fear… This episode isn’t just another pat on the back telling you ‘you can do it!’ Instead, let’s talk about what your fear really is and take action this week to overcome it.

Here are the big takeaways you’ll get from this episode…

  • Break free of the chains that are holding you back in your life with three life-changing action steps you can take to overcome your greatest fears and stop holding yourself back
  • Step into your greatest fears and overcome the sting of emotion that you are attaching with it so you can become resilient to any challenge you face
  • Address the biggest fear no one in our society wants to talk about and watch your life change when you walk into the dark side of personal development

Enjoy The Podcast!

Lucas Rubix

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0:20 A quick intro into what we’re diving into this week

1:43 Gut-wrenching fear is self-created

2:57 Real story about Lucas and depression, drugs, and a shotgun

4:32 What the world feels like without fear

7:01 How to overcome the overwhelm every element of fear

8:53 Contemplating death

12:14 Worst case scenario vs. best case opportunity

15:03 Take action on these three challenges for the week

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