How To Get Your First Coaching Client

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Lucas Rubix 🤪
4 min readMar 3, 2020

Hungry for your first coaching client online? I’m about to share with you the exact steps to get your first ever client and create the exact systems you need to predictably attract high-paying clients month after month.

Some of you will stop reading or close this window without reading further. Others will read every single word, print it out, and write notes all over it. And then a very small percentage of you will take action. Do not underestimate the power of these 4 simple questions (even though I am giving this to you for free).

If you take action and commit to seeing it through, you will attract your first client. Now, let’s get into it!

Question #1: Is Your Offer Clear?

A confused mind never buys. If your perfect clients are landing on your content, landing pages, or chatting with you and they do not know what it is you are offering… there is no way they are going to buy from you.

Make your offer painfully obvious and show anyone who lands on it what it is you offer. What is the transformation you are offering? What are the results they are getting? And what emotional shifts will they feel in their life?

Take a look at what you are offering. Is it clear? If you’re nodding your head yes, then keep reading. If not, let’s pause for a minute and make a few adjustments.

Question #2: How Are You Positioning Yourself & Your Offer?

Are you the coach that you would want to hire? Creating an Instagram account that looks like you live your life full of luxury actually doesn’t matter. But becoming a pro, creating quality content, and constantly improving the way you present yourself and your offer does.

What is your body language saying when you speak? Can you clean up the background behind you before you shoot your next video? Or how about booking a professional photoshoot to create a clean and professional impression online.

Never stop being you.

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Question #3: How Do You Plan On Attracting Clients To You?

You don’t need overcomplicated funnels, Facebook ads, or systems in place to get your first coaching client. What you do need is a very specific, high-value FREE offer that will get your clients through the door.

Maybe you create video training (like the Online Coaching Business Crash Course I mentioned above) or a downloadable guide/workbook etc. When you focus on giving a ton of value upfront (without trying to squeeze a few bucks out of everyone), you’ll not only position yourself as an expert and stand out online, but the people who resonate with you will become raving fans, clients, and advocates for your business!

Question #4: Once You Have Those Leads, How Do You Plan On Turning Them Into Paying Clients?

Some coaches will pour all of their energy and resources into building an email list, “influencer” status on Instagram, have thousands of views on YouTube, or grow your Facebook group to millions, but none of this matters if you don’t convert the people who are interested into clients.

Disclosure: You don’t need an email list or a massive following on social media to get your first client

So how do you do this?? Create massive amounts of value and overdeliver for free. From this content, have conversations with the people who engaged with your latest post. Inside each conversation, make sure you clearly communicate what it is you offer, the results that they can expect, and what it could do for them!

I truly hope this helps!

Lucas Rubix

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