Keep it Simple: The Secret to building your online coaching business with Lucas Rubix helping you build an online coaching bu
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Keep It Simple: The Secret To Building Your Online Coaching Business

Lucas Rubix 🤪
6 min readSep 11, 2020


Alright, alright, alright… I admit it. There is no ‘secret’ to building an online coaching business. However, there are costly mistakes that are totally avoidable. These make building your business and getting more clients much easier. And as someone who’s spent years not only building my own coaching business and going on to sell well over a million dollars of coaching. While working with over 300 coaches to build their dream business… I’ve made more mistakes than I can count on 12 hands.

In the near future, maybe I’ll do a little series about some of the biggest mistakes I made on YouTube. But, for now I want to share what may be the biggest mistake I made. I overcomplicated absolutely everything.

I’d overcomplicate the business plan, the marketing plan, creating my coaching programs and getting on social media. From starting a podcast, running a sales call, invoicing, communication, and emails. You name it, I somehow found a way to overcomplicate many things. I’d find myself working my butt off but getting little to no results. Let’s not mention feeling frustrated at my lack of progress.

Then I did something that, in hindsight, seemed obvious: I simplified everything and got hyper-focused to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of everything I did.

Here are some examples:

  • Removed all the complicated coaching programs, courses, and ‘stuff’; I wanted to sell and simplified all my offers into just 3 tiers.
  • Stopped trying to create hundreds of lead magnets, and instead laser-focused on creating a few simple yet value-packed free offers that actually got people results.
  • Committed to mastering just a few marketing strategies instead of trying anything and everything that was recommended to me.
  • Simplified other aspects of my life right down to my wardrobe. Although that may sound extreme, I found that the fewer choices I had to make during my day, the more mental power I had to make the big decisions in my life and business.

My point is simply this: When I committed to simplifying things down to their most basic components, I not only started seeing amazing results in my life and business (hello $80,000…



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