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Now or Never with Alexi Panos

Alexi Panos is on a mission to reinvent the world of personal development by helping people around the globe embrace and transform who they are to the most authentic version of their truth. Yes, she’s an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, humanitarian, and boss mama but Alexi’s hunger and thirst to provide and give value to the world is unmatchable. It’s an honour to have her join us on the Coaches Corner Podcast!

With her husband, Preston Smiles, they have combined the beauty, wisdom, and truth they have both experienced on their own paths to create The Bridge Experience. Trust me, I have experienced this first hand and the transformation that comes out of being in the same room as these two is unimaginable. So naturally, I had to get Alexi Panos on the podcast to share her message with you.

As Alexi says in this episode, we are living in an evolution where we can literally do anything. Thanks to technology and an abundance of resources available to us, we have everything that we ever need to reach our own version of success.

It really is now or never!

This episode will have you thinking about a few golden nuggets…

  • Learn how to surrender so you can slow down and listen to what is trying to emerge from you (even if your ego doesn’t like it).
  • Break free of the “either-or game” and start to let yourself see life as an opportunity to have both your goals and what your heart wants
  • Bring your unconscious agreements to the conscious forefront so you can shed layers of guilt and shame that may come with leaving your past behind you as you evolve into the person you have always meant to be.
  • Start to consciously create the momentum of your hustle by utilizing all of your creative force to create your own version of success (regardless of how big your dream might be).

Enjoy The Podcast, Coach!

“Your power lies in aligning with and accepting life in all its glory and declaring a new possibility from that place of acceptance. Point-blank: the more you argue with and resist what is, the more you suffer.” — Alexi Panos


0:30 A little bit about Alexi Panos

3:37 Having it all means more than looking incredible on Instagram and a ton of money

5:20 You are The Bridge for the experiences in your life

10:51 What does it mean to surrender? (and why this is not a sign of weakness)

14:20 How does Alexi Panos define success?

15:34 Comparing yourself to what society wants from you and living your truth

18:07 What it means to stretch to the next level of your potential?

20:44 Where are you between the goal line and the soul line?

23:56 Consciously create the momentum of your hustle to make your dream happen

27:41 Happiness needs to be internally referenced

29:14 The small things you do every day will amount to the success that you’re dreaming of

31:46 What is holding people back from the next level?

32:41 If you’re procrastinating on your business (or in your life), take a deeper look at what you say you really want

35:49 Bring your unconscious agreements to the conscious forefront

47:25 Have the courage to unapologetically be the most authentic version of yourself

To experience The Bridge Experience for yourself, learn more right HERE!

Now or Never Alexi Panos with Lucas Rubix lucasrubix build online coaching business

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