Why Most Online Coaching Businesses Fail (and how to make damn sure yours succeeds)

So why do most online coaching businesses fail?? It comes down to four mistakes that coaches are making without even knowing it. These mistakes are destroying any chance of building an online coaching business. Let’s make sure that your story doesn’t have the same ending.

But before I get into it, I need to make it clear that I am not casting rocks, pointing fingers or talking down to any coach who is or has made any of these mistakes. Because I can show you proof that I made them too when I started out. If it weren’t for massive amounts of grit, persistence, and mentorship, I would have definitely would not have the online coaching empire that I do today.

My intention behind this episode is to give back and uncover the mistakes coaches are making and show you how to avoid them with the exact tactics you need to make it all happen.

Here’s the gold you’ll find inside this episode…

  • Become hyperaware of the four main reasons online coaching businesses fail so you can avoid the most costly mistakes coaches are making that are taking them out of business!
  • Ask yourself key questions to make sure you are following the footsteps of coaches who are attracting high-quality clients online, generating a predictable income month after month, and are not even close to slowing down!
  • Apply these winning tactics into your online coaching business so you can turn this episode into another one of your secret weapons to building a life full of income, impact, and freedom!

Enjoy The Podcast, Coach!

Lucas Rubix

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0:16 A quick intro into the top 4 reasons most online coaches are going out of business

1:58 Are you serving everyone and afraid of niching down?

3:10 Become the specialist (not generalist) in your space

4:57 Are you selling something nobody wants?

7:25 Are you attracting the right people and positioning your online coaching program properly?

8:47 Are you doing busy work or are you working on your systems?

11:02 The target for how many conversations you need to have every single day (and how to hit it)

12:56 Believe in yourself and build confidence without letting your ego get in your way!

15:25 A quick exercise you can do to catch yourself resisting sales, selling, and seeing success!

Listen on Spotify or iTunes


How To Turn Your Knowledge, Experience, Life Story, And Passion Into An Online Coaching Business (That Actually Makes Money)

I want to show you the big picture framework for your online coaching business so you can not only see what the backend structure of a 6 figure online coaching business looks like, but start building the systems to get your first few clients!


By the way, did you know that when you join the Coaches University, we will work with you until you join us inside the $10K Club?? Yep, that means I’m literally guaranteeing you will make $10,000 in sales as an online coach (in any niche) when you join us inside the Coaches University and commit to building the online coaching business of your dreams.

Learn more and grab your spot HERE!

Lucas Rubix is the intense-looking bearded dude (don’t worry… he’s actually harmless) behind the Coaches Corner, a corner of the internet completely committed to helping you turn your gifts, knowledge, experience, and STORY into an online coaching business (that actually makes money) (as long as you’re not afraid of some work).

Having built multiple coaching businesses (both offline and online) in a wide variety of niches, his primary focus these days (when he’s not interviewing top coaches, influencers, and celebrities on the Coaches Corner podcast) is helping coaches create a business that predictably generates leads, attracts new clients and, most importantly, creates true freedom (for both COACH and CLIENT)

Visit www.LucasRubix.com and get full access into the Online Coaching Business Crash Course, listen to a few episodes of the Coaches corner podcast while you’re at it and feel free to connect with him on Instagram @LucasRubix

And if you’re a passionate coach who’s looking for a helping hand in building, launching and growing your coaching business (and attracting all the perfect clients you’ve ever imagined) learn about the three ways you can work together HERE and see how Lucas can help you build the coaching business of your dreams!

PS — Other recommended podcasts to help move your online coaching business forward are THE ONLINE FREEDOM FORMULA, HOW TO MAKE $10K A MONTH IN YOUR ONLINE COACHING BUSINESS, and SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ONLINE COACHES. Make sure you give them a listen if you’re looking for even more direction!




Helping You Turn Your Knowledge, Experience, And Story Into A (Profitable) Online Coaching Business! www.LucasRubix.com

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Lucas Rubix 🤪

Lucas Rubix 🤪

Helping You Turn Your Knowledge, Experience, And Story Into A (Profitable) Online Coaching Business! www.LucasRubix.com

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